Cramp…. What we know today and How to avoid them!

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Cramp…. What we know today and How to avoid them!

Muscle cramping is a common, painful and debilitating disturbance of skeletal muscle. It is poorly understood as to why it happens but what we do know is it occurs when the normal contraction/relaxation mechanism within a muscle is impaired.

A muscle cramp is a strong and painful contraction of a muscle that comes on suddenly and lasts from a few seconds to in its worst cases up to 15 minutes. It is an involuntary contraction within a muscle which then won’t relax. Muscle cramp can occur in any muscle within the body but are most common in larger muscle groups. It is not age or gender specific.

Factors influencing muscle cramping:


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Written by Lara Inge- Lead Sports Therapist at FitFab Therapy