What are the benefits of Pregnancy Massage?

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What are the benefits of Pregnancy Massage?


During pregnancy your body changes and there are significant changes to you physically, mentally and emotionally. Common signs of these are sciatica, fatigue, swollen ankles and sore lower back. Fortunately, these can all be eased through pregnancy massage.

Pregnancy massage is different to a normal sports/general massage. During a pregnancy massage there is less pressure applied to certain areas of the body, different laying positions to allow for comfort and is overall a relaxing time for both you and your baby.


Benefits of a pregnancy massage for you are;
1 – Release muscle tension
2 – Release compression on nerves caused by muscle tension
3 – Lymphatic drainage of toxins
4 – Help with reducing the chance of varicose veins from developing
5 – Helps with sluggish bowel movements.
6- Improve mental wellness


What about the benefits to your baby? There are benefits to both you and your baby.
1 – Helps circulation to vital organs especially the placenta which helps feed and aid development of your baby
2 – Helps with respiratory systems and aids breathing during pregnancy due to release of the muscles in the surrounding areas. Allowing for better sleep and relaxed breathing
3 – Induces deep relaxation for both you and your baby
4 – Massage encourages the release of Oxytocin; a pain reducing hormone during labour and birth.


At FitFab Therapy we are pleased to be able to offer this fantastic service to all our expectant mums to be. Why not treat yourself or your partner to one of hour long sessions to make the pregnancy journey as positive as possible.

For more information on this service or to book please call 01234 302619 or visit our website at www.fitfabtherapy.com or email info@fitfabtherapy.com


blog by Therapist Rebecca Fernandes